Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seventeen days...

Just seventeen more days and Susan's debut album hits the stores...and my mailbox! I can only imagine the sheer excitement she must be feeling. On Susan's official site, you can now hear CLIPS of the songs on her new album. A clip is just a few seconds long, but definitely long enough to tell me that each and every song is just as special as I'd anticipated! Just click on the word "clips" above and you'll find the audio player on the right side of that page.

On this page of Susan's official site (or try here) you can hear her personally answer questions which her fans have sent to her. It was neat to see that she's having fun with this whole process...and enjoying it.

If you haven't ordered Susan's debut album yet, just click on either of the two links on the right side of this page...Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

One thing about it - you will want your own copy of this special lady's debut album!

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