Friday, November 13, 2009

Another dream come true...

We were all teenagers at one time...with a teenage crush on a recording star. I stood in line on an icy cold February day in Memphis, Tennessee, to have almost a front row seat in an Elvis Presley concert...and then Fabian came along.

Susan Boyle grew up in a small village in Scotland with her own teenage crushes. She loved the music of a young Donny Osmond, as well as the soundtrack from the movie Grease. Her brother Gerry has told the story that Susan spent hours alone in her room as a young teenager singing along with these favorite stars of hers.

Little did Susan know then that one day in her future, she'd be brave and audition for Britains Got Talent. Little did she know then that one day she'd be famous as Donny and all the stars in the movie Grease. I wonder if she ever dreamed about it...

One dream of Susan's has come true. During her last trip here to the United States for her Dancing With The Stars appearance, she met Donny Osmond. Not only did she meet him, she was invited to their home. Susan commented, "it was a dream come true. Donny was lovely". Supposedly, there is talk of a duet between the two as well. In several sources, Donny has been quoted as saying, "I would die to do a duet with her"!

Don't you just love the way life ebbs and flows?! I love the fact that Susan's dreams are coming true for her and that she's sharing her beautiful voice with the world...


  1. Wonderful blog! I put this under my favorites so I can get here more often! Thank you for this!

  2. Hi Dianne, what a wonderful tribute to this amazing lady. I read every entry and wanted more. I especially loved the video you made, it is so wonderful and professional. I didn't even know you made it until I read it at the end. The Harper's Bizarre story was so interesting. Susan looks so beautiful in all the photo's and I just love her cute hair cut. And what a doll in those pictures of her as a little girl!
    Oh I must get to bed !
    I can't wait to hear her on the CD, I am sure it will be played over and over and wore out.

  3. Thank you, Chris and Sandy, for your sweet comments and taking the time to share! I know we're all so excited for Susan and the fact it's only a week until her album is released!