Monday, November 30, 2009

Making music history...

I can't imagine the profound excitement Susan Boyle must be feeling now. Her dream has, indeed, come true...resoundingly true. The following article is from Susan's official website.

Susan Boyle Makes Music History as the Fastest Selling Worldwide Female Debut Ever!

As Susan Boyle’s album, ‘I Dreamed A Dream,’ confirms its place at the top of the UK, Australian and Irish charts today and continues to race to #1 in the US, Canada, New Zealand and hits #1 iTunes status in France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland and Japan, the message across the world is clear - Susan Boyle has validated her place among music giants.

In Britain, Susan Boyle’s debut album was confirmed as the fastest selling UK debut album of all time selling 411,820 copies beating the previous fastest selling debut of all time, Arctic Monkeys in its first three days. I Dreamed a Dream also outsold the rest of the top 5 albums combined.

In America, Susan is already outselling young mega-sellers Rihanna, Lady Gaga and 50 Cent with a projected first week sales figures of around 1 million (American chart announced next week), defying them all with an expected number 1 position. In doing so she is set to break Eminem’s previous record for highest first week (US) sales this year. Susan has broken retail records around the world including selling 80,OOO copies in four short sales windows on QVC and becoming the biggest pre-ordered album in the history of Amazon.

As I Dreamed A Dream finds its way into over 2 million homes across the planet in 7 short days, it is time to crown a new worldwide musical phenomenon.

A delighted Susan Boyle said, “It’s fantastic.”

Simon Cowell congratulated Susan yesterday saying, “I’m incredibly proud of Susan and delighted for her. This success couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Susan Boyle quite simply has broken the rules, her story is like a Hollywood movie but this time it’s real life and a really talented, nice lady who has won.”

HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo says: “People of all ages seem to be buying it, and it’s clearly going to be one the must-have gift items this Christmas. Susan’s accomplished performance on The X-Factor has given the album a massive, timely boost. It now has the momentum to challenge for the Christmas No.1”

The Official Charts Company’s MD, Martin Talbot, adds: “Susan Boyle’s achievement is quite phenomenal. After all of the excitement surrounding her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, everyone expected her to make a big impact when she released her first music – but to arrive with such a bang is exceptional.”

The statistics:

-Fastest Selling Global Female Debut Album
-Number 1 album in UK, making it the ”Fastest Selling Debut Album in UK Chart History” - beating previous fastest selling debut of all time, Arctic Monkeys, in first three days. Its also the highest one week sale for a female act in chart history.
-Projected 1 Album in US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and many European countries
-Most pre-ordered album in Amazon history
-#1 iTunes Japan, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland
-First album of the month in the Italian #1 account by a non-Italian artist ever

‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is released in the UK by SYCO Music and is available everywhere.


  1. That's truly amazing! The only problem is -- how can she top it?? I do hope her singing career continues on a high note for a long time to come. I also hope that Susan keeps herself grounded, something that's difficult to do on a meteoric rise to fame and success. Her "realness" is one of her most appealing qualities, and I pray she never loses it.

  2. You know what? I don't think Susan HAS to top it...I think she just has to keep on recording those great albums and touring as much OR as little as she wants. I've never met her, of course, but I'm truly happy for her!