Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks, Mick...

I can only imagine how Susan Boyle must be feeling right about now. In just a few short weeks, her debut album, I Dreamed A Dream, will be released. All those years of waiting and hoping and dreaming...and the dream is finally coming true.

Months before its release date, the album has already been at the top of "the charts". Demand for the album has been so high that Amazon has limited each customer's purchase. Imagine that! Barnes and Noble recently advertised that there was no limit there!

Months following her debut at Britain's Got Talent, people are still flocking daily to the youtube sites and listening to I Dreamed A well as other recordings that Susan as done in the past, one of them being Cry Me A River.

Even Mick Jagger has offered his opinion in Irish Central...that Susan's heartfelt, soul-stirring rendition of Wild Horses is better than his! I could have told him that, but I was glad to read it in print. Thanks, Mick...

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